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All of our impellers have a german TÜV-Certification

Made in Germany / direct from the manufacturer

Since August 2005 is our woodimpeller "BambinoBike" registered from the "office for harmonization for the domestic market" as European-wide design patent under the number: 000392931-0001 registered. s.A. HTTP:oami.European Union.int

Our woodimpeller "BambinoBike" is particularly developed for children off approx. 2 years. It is an impeller without pedals, for the faster development of the motor abilities and the sense of balance. Beside this it facilitates later transferring to a normal bicycle. Small children train the co-ordination of progressive movement and steering with the impeller. They keep safe soil contact and get along without gange wheels.

Age range: approx. 2 - 6 years

- direct from the manufacturer (Made in Germany)
- 2 years warranty
The child wood impeller consists of following parts and materials:

- birke multiplex wood
- camps and axles with maintenance-free sliding bearings
- saddle: the height is steplessly adjustable ( 11 - 16 Inch), padded with imitation leather, therefore seat-friendly and easily to clean
- tires: tyre with extremely easy run, Advantage: the impeller can be driven almost noiseless also in the dwelling
- steering bar with handpleasant grasps. Mechanically secured steering angle of approx. 20°, which prevents a too extreme steering angle and crimpings of the fingers makes impossible
- weight approx.. 8 lb  13,1 oz 
- dimensions: 35,5 x 21,7 x 14,2 Inch (L x H x B)